Hyun Nam







Practice Area

  • Civil and Criminal Litigation, Bankruptcy/Rehabilitation, Administration, Domestic Relations, Intellectual Property (IP), Corporate Advisory


  • 2014 Illinois, U.S.A.
  • 2002 Korea


  • 1998 Seoul National University
  • 1994 Seoul Science High School

Hyun Nam is a partner at SEUM and focuses on various litigation and corporate advisory matters, including civil and criminal, intellectual property, corporate bankruptcy/rehabilitation, and administration.

Hyun Nam was appointed as a reserve judge of Gangneung Ji-won of the Chuncheon District Court in 2005 and served as a judge for 18 years until his retirement as a deputy judge of the Jeonju District Court in 2023. He has also served as a deputy judge of the Jeonju District Court, a judge of the Extraterritorial Division (Jeju) of the Gwangju High Court, the Seoul Central District Court, the Seoul Western District Court, and the Ansan Ji-won of the Suwon District Court.

In particular, he served as the presiding judge of the Civil and Family Settlement Division, presiding over the trial of high-value civil cases, divorce and property division cases, and inheritance cases from 2020 to 2023, and in 2019, handled various cases including civil, family, criminal, and administrative appeals and motions at the High Court. He also served for three years as a sole criminal judge and for two and a half years as a judge at the Bankruptcy Court.

He also served as a trial researcher (Intellectual Property Section) at the Supreme Court of Korea from 2008 to 2010, and as an officer (director) of the Korea Patent Law Society, where he handled various cases related to intellectual property rights.

In addition, Hyun Nam has engaged in various lectures and activities outside the courtroom, including a lecture on "Paths and Opportunities for Entrepreneurship" at Konkuk University's Entrepreneurship Education Center (2021), a lecture on "Cybersecurity" at Korea University's School of Information Security (2018), and a lecture on the role of the presiding judge in criminal trials at Sogang University's School of Law (2016), among others.

Hyun Nam serves as the leader of the litigation team at SEUM, drawing on his experience as a judge. When disputes arise, he takes the lead in resolving client issues by promptly and proactively handling all litigation procedures based on his accurate analysis of the facts and legal principles.

  • 2023-present
  • 2016-present
    Director, Korea Patent Law Society
  • 2020-23
    Senior Judge, Jeonju District Court
  • 2019-20
    Judge, Gwangju High Court(Jeju) and Jeju District Court
  • 2018-19
    Judge, Western Branch of Busan District Court
  • 2016-18
    Judge, Seoul Western District Court
  • 2013-14
    IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law(Visiting Scholar)
  • 2012-16
    Judge, Seoul Central District Court
  • 2010-12
    Judge, Ansan Branch of Suwon District Court
  • 2008-10
    Specialist Judicial Research Officer(IP), Supreme Court of Korea
  • 2007-08
    Judge, Gangneung Branch of Chuncheon District Court
  • 2005-07
    Supernumerary Judge, Gangneung Branch of Chuncheon District Court
Publications and Activities
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  • Korean, English