[Announcement] Danny Yoon & Seyoung Gil of SEUM IP Recognized as Leading IP Professionals in IAM Patent 1000 2023 for Patent Prosecution.

Danny Yoon and Seyoung Gil of SEUM IP have been recognized as leading IP professionals in the IAM Patent 1000 2023 for patent prosecution. IAM Patent 1000 annually shines a spotlight on the firms and individuals that are deemed outstanding in the pivotal area of patent law.  IAM undertook an exhaustive qualitative research project to identify outstanding firms and individuals across multiple jurisdictions. When identifying the leading IP professionals, factors such as depth of knowledge, market presence, and the level of work which they provide were all taken into account, as well as positive peer and client feedback.

IAM recognizes Danny Yoon as a software and robotics expert. They describe him as a versatile professional who have built patent portfolios for startups and have also provided IP services for multinational companies. He recently handled patent applications for Baidu and Surpass Industry. Meanwhile, Seyoung Gil is trusted by clients for his strategic thinking in the IT field, and his role is to help tech companies build their patent portfolios to avoid potential intellectual property disputes.

SEUM IP is composed of highly skilled professionals with advanced patent knowledge, providing optimal IP counseling. SEUM IP will continue to provide innovative and strategic IP services.

In addition, SEUM IP was also named to the IAM 1000 2023 best IP law firms for patent prosecution.

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