[SEUM Law] SEUM Law Successfully Represents Wemakeprice in Trademark and Unfair Competition Lawsuit

SEUM Law successfully represented Wemakeprice in its defense against a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by the e-commerce company, 11Street (see relevant news article here). 

11Street sued Wemakeprice alleging that its use of phrases such as “11 DAY”, “1,111 Point”, and “Special Price Products for 11 Days” in its marketing and promotion was connected with 11Street’s identity and trademarks. 11Street claimed that it had completed the registration of its “11 Day” and other trademarks and demanded that Wemakeprice compensate 11Street for a large sum of damages. 

SEUM Law took on the case and argued that (i) the number “11” in “11 DAY” and “Special Product for 11 Days” were merely numbers or days, (ii) Wemakeprice did not use its name or logo together with such numbers and therefore, caused no confusion among consumers regarding the source of such numbers, and (iii) Wemakeprice did not use such numbers as a trademark and thus, did not infringe on 11Street’s trademark rights or violate the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act. The court agreed with all of SEUM Law’s arguments and ruled in favor of Wemakeprice, holding that “Wemakeprice’s use of “11 DAY” and other phrases cannot be construed as an infringement of 11Street’s trademark rights.

This victory was a result of SEUM Law's expertise in the IT and e-commerce industry as well as its deep understanding of trademark rights and the Unfair Competition Prevention and Trade Secret Protection Act, and such expertise and understanding allowed SEUM Law to persuade the court with effective arguments to win on all points within the case against a counterparty that was represented by Lee & Ko, one of the largest Korean law firms. 

The SEUM Law team was comprised of partners Joonbum Cheon and Byungil Lee.